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beltinehuston: I #supply perfectly reproduced #counterfeit money
beltinehuston: HI
rahat: hi
KathTea: I saw the spambots, reported.
Lotus: Most recent posts are adbots. Forum's dead, rip. :\
kial: I never noticed this function before. Cool.
peyoteman: You guys should post an application
peyoteman: I'm starting up a new D&D group for storm king's thunder
Mimse: The spam. :(
kidpyro: maybe
Mimse: You can always try on twitter with the #critters. And maybe tag @critters_CC too. (:
jpcguy89: No one ever responds to posts
jpcguy89: Man I wish I could find someone to play wth
jaycaldor: by the way, is it thursday yet?
jaycaldor: took 3 hours to arrive
jaycaldor: Finally.... man the activation email of probaord is a load of bull
Mimse: Ah, the chat. The one thing that always seems to get overlooked.
NilimBlental: HI, anyone here?
NilimBlental: Ah, it was pulsar's actually.
NilimBlental: I just realised that i posted on a thread that was already full... D: Deleted that.